This is FaaS

Farming As A Service

An innovative service, providing impactful agriculture management solutions to farm owners and AgTech investors.

What is FaaS?

Farming as a Service

Farming as a Service (FaaS) is a professional service framework offering a suite of agricultural management solutions for CEA facilities. From starting-up your farm, to fully managing it – we have the right services to support your needs!

FaaS Services


Fully-Managed Farm Operations

Onsite farm operations including supply and crop management, tracking and monitoring of controls, as well as, hiring and training of farm staff.


Farm Start-up Services

Onsite expert farmers, trained on a variety of systems, to start, test and begin production for new indoor farming facilities.


As-Needed Expert Consulting

A team of industry expert consultants available to answer any indoor farming related questions.

For Farmers. By Farmers.

We are Cultivatd

At Cultivatd, we not only sell vertical farms; we also manage and operate indoor farming facilities. Our Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) solution delivers professional farming services to indoor farmers seeking expert help.

Applying insights from our experience as farm managers, Cultivatd farm operators make data-driven decisions that boost farm productivity and improve overall efficiency.

We have the experience, the expertise and the operational knowledge base to help you succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission with FaaS is to provide best inclass agricultural management solutions that focus on addressing our client’s core issues from the start.

Our Model

Your success is our business model. Our team of farm operators, technicians and industry experts have a vested interest in helping your plants and business thrive; our reputation depends on it!

I met Cody during my first week at Local Leaf farms. As a consultant, he analyzed our growing system and went through each aspect of our operations, answering all of my questions and guiding me through best practices. In the time he spent at the company, he also made significant changes to improve our efficiency.

Amos, Head Agronomist at Local Leaf Farms