This is FaaS

Farming As A Service

FaaS is a professional services framework offering agricultural management for all CEA facilities. This means that no matter what issue your farm is experiencing, we have the right services and experts to help!

Fully Managed Farm Operations

Onsite operations, supply and crop management, SOPs, training, system monitoring and consulting – all delivered as a service.


Farm Start-up Services

Highly trained onsite team to start up your farming operations to get it into production quickly and efficiently.


As Needed Expert Consulting

Industry specific consulting services to answer all your CEA related questions and provide the guidance to take your operations to the next level.

I met Cody during my first week at Local Leaf farms. As a consultant, he analyzed our growing system and went through each aspect of our operations, answering all of my questions and guiding me through best practices. In the time he spent at the company, he also made significant changes to improve our efficiency.

Amos, Head Agronomist at Local Leaf Farms